Johnny of Evolving Creativity, LLC designed our new website and to be honest he exceeded my expectations. I knew it was time to upgrade my old website and I had seen some of my supplier websites and secretly wished my new website could look as nice as theirs. I figured coming from a small town market and having a small town budget these type of sites were only for big city big budget companies. He was easy to get a hold of and answer my questions or walk me through the process. When Johnny finally sent me a rough proof of my new website I was so surprised to see that my site looked like a big city site with a big budget. On a scale of 1 to 10 I feel the site he designed was a 15. If you are like me and you keep putting off redoing your site but you know it is time Johnny is definitely someone you can trust to do your work. Thank you Johnny for your help and your knowledge I am sure as I need upgrades in the future you will hear from me again.
— Greg Fullmer, Vice President at Fullmer & Sons Heating, Cooling, and Fireplaces
Along with his undeniable talent, Johnny has always been an absolute joy to work with; and always manages to foster positive discussions and bring the best out of people.
— Information Technology Technician - James Ball | Contractor through Quantam Solutions working for DTMB
Johnny of Evolving Creativity, LLC recently created a web site for my company, Benson Products, LLC. The web site beautifully showcases my products in a very exciting and professional way. Johnny’s skill set is huge! From photography and graphic design, to web site design and development, to SEO and email marketing, Johnny knows how to get it done!
Johnny was hard-working and focused while he built the Splash Count site. He knew what was needed and kept the project moving forward. He had a strong sense of the big picture for the web site and handled all the details. I enjoyed working with him and he helped me learn a tremendous amount
— Lynn Benson, Managing Member, Benson Products, LLC
His drive and determination toward the craft of digital media is amazing. JohnnyB continues to be a part of my company today and has been serving my clients for many years. His ability to take what a customer has and turn it into fully developed image or design is amazing.
— Duane Weed, President of DW Video & Multimedia
The Bell Plantation’s PB2 Powdered Peanut Butter Healthy Heart homepage take-over on WOOD TV8’s homepage looks great. I appreciate the commitment in bringing to life our Health & Wellness strategy!
— Alan Hartline, EVP Merchandising & Marketing at Spartan Stores
Johnny B of Evolving Creativity LLC has developed numerous successful rich media ads and promotional content, drawing upon his design talents and exceptional proficiency with Adobe Flash, CSS, and XHTML. He works well not only with internal sales staff, but also develops a genuine rapport with clients and external development partners, all of whom quickly come to rely upon his ability to deliver online results. And yet, perhaps Johnny’s greatest asset is his insight into what works on the Web, remaining plugged in to the leading edge of the industry from the latest in everything from social networking opportunities to new revenue opportunities in online media delivery
— Corey Wynsma, Web Technologies Architect at SpartanNash
Thank you for all of your hard work this year. I know that we ask the digital team to do so much and the team always delivered.
— Linh Peters, Vice President of Marketing, SpartanNash
Thank you for your efforts in launching our first holiday email this month. I think it looks great!
— Ron Cox, Director of Consumer Marketing and Planning at SpartanNash
Johnny of Evolving Creativity is exceptionally talented as a web and graphic designer. He is also an outstanding portrait photographer and very skilled with Photoshop. But perhaps most notably, he is always good-natured and pleasant to work with. That’s a rare combination of skill and character. My advice to whoever reads this: hire this guy!
— Larry Bush, Account Executive / Integrated Media Solutions Provider with iHeartMedia
Johnny B is one of the hardest working guys I know. He is very meticulous about his work and therefore puts out only A+ quality. He is a fun guy to work with, but he also does what it takes to get the job done.
— Christy Mack, Director of Marketing - Clear Channel West Michigan
Johnny B has been able to come up with beautiful, artistic work, based on very little information when it came to web design and commercial creation. He also taught me some simple ways to navigate a High School Scoreboard Show webpage that originally I thought was going to be complicated, but because of his programming, it was simple.
— Jeremy Bolker, Marketing Advisor at Clear Channel Radio
Johnny’s work is top notch. He took a few simple keyword ideas and…BOOM - a functional, informative, and overall “cool” product for my client.He seamlessly interacts with my clients to achieve desired results. He has great B2B skills. I would recommend his design work and concept building abilities any day.
— Joe DeVries, WOOD TV8 Internet Account Executive

2009 - 2010 Student Assessments of Instruction at Ferris State University

I enjoyed the interaction of this course. Johnny was always very helpful! Never got annoyed with questions, everyone had questions at the same time but Johnny never minded it.
— Student, Fall 2009 TVPR320
Johnny was open to student ideas, receptive to the prospect of altering assignments so that our interests and goals were met.
— Student, Fall 2009 TVPR 320
Great teacher and the ability to learn 3D animation. Johnny was very helpful and willing to stay late to help the student learn & finish projects
— Student, Fall 2010 TVPR320
Johnny B is the best instructor I have had at FSU!
— Student, Fall 2010 TVPR320
Johnny B was excellent! I liked the Worpress site to accompany the class.
— Student, Fall 2010 TVPR320

TVPR120: Spring 2010 - The Instructor presented material in a clear and understandable manner

TVPR120: Spring 2010 - The instructor was well prepared for classes

TVPR120: Spring 2010 - Students feel that the instructor put considerable effort into teaching this class