Motion Graphics, 3D Animation, & Visual Effects

Employing motion graphics, 3D animation, or visual effects(seen or unseen) into your next video project can help simplify complex ideas, processes, or help illustrate your story. We can create animated graphics that help keep your message compelling and easy to understand for today's sophisticated audience. 

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Discounts available to Advertising Agencies or Producers.

Motion Graphics
3D Modeling/Simulations
Digital Visual Effects
Green screen Compositing 

Corporate/Promotional Online Video Production

Let us help market and promote your business utilizing our video production services to create webmercials, online marketing content, promotional videos, corporate videos, corporate training, or video podcast series. Adding video to your website and online video channels can help increase your brands awareness and help improve your company's website ranking and authority.  Expanding your market reach and visibility on the internet can increase sales by embracing these exciting new trends in video technology. Your company or organization can do the same with the expert experience from Evolving Creativity LLC. 

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Discounts available to Advertising Agencies or Producers.

Promotional Videos
Product Training Videos
Instructional Video
Product Sales
Music Videos
Independent Film Productions
Marketing or Sales
Creative Viral Videos

FEATURED: D&W Fresh Market's Online Video Campaign for July is Michigan Craft Beer Month Celebration 
Client: SpartanNash
Production Details: Video consisted of using an employee of D&W Fresh Market as talent. Purpose of the video series is to help introduce the audience to craft beer and move them away from water down, mass produced beers by educating about craft beers. Video was distributed on YouTube and through social media.
Watch the entire series on YouTube

You Shoot, We Edit

So you shot a bunch of footage on your camera and now you need to edit your content, but you don't have the time or expertise to turn all that great moments into a masterpiece that will be engaging for your audience. Say goodbye to complicated video editing and let Evolving Creativity LLC do the work for you. 

Home Movies
Wedding Ceremony/Reception
Product Instruction
Sales Presentations
Speaking Events

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FEATURED: Keeler Interior Designer Interviews from Las Vegas
Production Details: The marketing staff at Keeler video taped their own interviews during an interior design expo in Las Vegas and needed the interviews edited with title graphics and the audio levels cleaned up. We did our best to remove background noise from the expo floor, but were unable to correct the high gain distorted levels from the wireless mic used during their video shoot recording. Although the audio is a bit distorted, the designer’s information can clearly be heard and understood.

Special Event Videography

Stay in the moment and let us capture your special event in the full HD video. We use a wide range of lenses to get the perfect shot and use portable LED lighting equipment that doesn’t get in the way of your special day. Contact us today at 616.308.9739 to schedule your next special event with us.

Home Movies
Wedding Ceremony
Wedding Reception
Birthday Parties
Outdoor Adventures
Fishing & Hunting Trips
Elderly Love Ones

Nature Cinematography 

A great deal of joy and pride comes from plunging into the great outdoors and capturing  the splendor and wonder of the natural world. We utilized many different types of lens, film-speeds, cameras and techniques in order to share different perspectives on the natural world. 
We have experience in filming wild animals, birds, insects, amphibians, and marine life in the wild. 

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FEATURED: Nature & Outdoor Videography
All footage was shot in Michigan using multiple types of cameras and equipment.

Microscopy Videography & Photography

We can capture even microscopic moments, so small  a microscope is required to see all the fine details. Contact us today at 616.308.9739 to capture amazing structures and imagery from the microscopic world. 

Example of Deep-Focus Micro Photography

Deep-Focus Micro-Photography
Microscopy HD Videography
Deep-Focus Motion Videos