Underwater Videography & Underwater Assistance

When you need a steady shot underwater hire a professional experienced driver and videographer. We provide underwater videography for filmmakers, video producers, biologists,  professors, and conservation advocates. We also offer underwater assistance for other video production companies or recovery of of small to medium sized valuable items near shorelines.

Call 616-308-9739 to schedule a date, time, location, and type of work needed. We will provide a job estimate.

Camera Operator Diver + Travel expenses (1st Hour & Travel Expenses/Drive Time are Non-refundable*) + Optional Assistant/Safety Diver depending on location and type of underwater production.
* Max video working depth is 80 feet due to lighting considerations and in-house equipment.  All diving is on Open Circuit. If the location/water conditions are deemed too dangerous at the time of our schedule dive time, our professional crew reserves the right to cancel the dive or reschedule if possible . Credit card or Paypal payment required over the phone or paid via the internet.

In-House Underwater Video Equipment:
Equinox Video Housing, Canon VIXIA HD (1080P), Hero2, Midland XTC, Ikelite Housing with Wide Angle Adapter/Lens: Flip Ultra HD (720P),  Nocturnal Underwater Lights. Additional camera equipment can be rented as needed for productions.