SEO and Site Redesign for New Business, Blind Pro - Ultrasonic Blind Cleaning in Big Rapids, MI

Website:  for Blind Pro - 2015

Website: for Blind Pro - 2015

THE PROBLEM: Owners of Gilberts Carpets Plus Color Tile, Tom and Zackary Gilbert, located in Big Rapids, Michigan recently opened a portable blind cleaning business called Blind Pro, Ultrasonic Blind Cleaning. Their previous website, designed by a third party designer, was responsive and used  BootStrap, a popular HTML, CSS, and JS framework for developing responsive, mobile first projects on the web. Unfortunately, the previous designer did not utilize any kind of CMS(Content Management System) such as WordPress to allow the Tom or Zackary to edit their site without the need to fully understand HTML or how to upload revised content using a FTP (File Transfer Protocol) program.

There were some other major issues with their previous website such as  it contained mis-spellings, the marketing copy was not optimized for SEO (missing keyword phrases), the site lacked a call to action, some of the imagery chosen did not reflect a positive/happy experience or feeling, and their business services were not clearly descriptive of how they could help their customers with their dirty blinds.

THE SOLUTION: DW Video & Multimedia LLC contracted Evolving Creativity to help solve their client's website problem. We decided to use Squarespace, a website hosting platform that has adjustable template designs. Squarespace's CMS is very easy to use and does not require the end users (Client/Customer) to know any HTML. 

Evolving Creativity LLC,  rewrote most of the website's marketing copy using keyword phrases.  We also replaced any imagery/photos that we deemed did not reflect a positive experience with photos from We also created a simple logo design for the website using a descriptive tag.

We also spent some additional  time setting up social media sites, and provided additional resources to have the Tom and Zackary's new business, Blind Pro, listed on business listings such as Yahoo, bing, and Google Business.

Once the owners from Blind Pro come back from vacation we will be training them on the SquareSpace CMS system.

Simple answer is YES! If you are a business needed a website, a video producer, independent solutions provider, or an advertising agency  contact Johnny B at Evolving Creativity today at 616.308.9739 to see how we can help you.