Capture your customer's attention with effective video backgrounds


The video background is one of the most popular website design trends that seems to be here to stay. Utilizing effective video backgrounds create a sense of artistry that static background images simply can’t match up to. A video background creates a vibe, sets a tone and can induce emotional reactions. An effective use of video backgrounds on a website will capture a customer's attention and create a stronger brand that expresses the essence of products or services provided by an organization.

Evolving Creativity, LLC completed a website overhaul for Fullmer & Sons Heating & Cooling with DW Video & Multimedia producing the project. Using the Squarespace CMS platform, Evolving Creativity utilized a template with an option to use section video headers. Evolving Creativity created new looping videos from photography or re-purposed manufacturer videos to be used in the website headers, creating a sense of luxury, comfort, and relaxation in the home when using products sold by Fullmer & Sons Heating & Cooling.

Quote from Client

Johnny of Evolving Creativity, LLC designed our new website and to be honest he exceeded my expectations. I knew it was time to upgrade my old website and I had seen some of my supplier websites and secretly wished my new website could look as nice as theirs. I figured coming from a small town market and having a small town budget these type of sites were only for big city big budget companies. 

When Johnny finally sent me a rough proof of my new website I was so surprised to see that my site looked like a site with a big budget. On a scale of 1 to 10 I feel the site he designed was a 15. Thank you Johnny for your help and your knowledge.

- Greg Fullmer, Vice President at Fullmer & Sons Heating, Cooling, and Fireplaces