Evolving Creativity’s "Deep-Focus Image Stacking" photography makes it possible to explore the Microcosmos

Our photos overcome the limitations of “shallow depth of field” by using “Deep-Focus Image Stacking” technology software. We are currently producing a library and portfolio of Deep-Focus imagery that can be available for use in education, print, stock imagery, and video production

TITLE OF WORK: Microscopy Plant Photography - Dead Bergamot Flower Pod

PHOTOGRAPHY PRODUCTION BREAKDOWN: This is a new microscopy imagery using a T2i camera and an AmScope Canon microscope 2x lens. We also used a portable LCD light along with a light ring on the Amscope to capture multiple photos. The multiple photos were taken as CR2(Camera Raw) and stacked in PhotoshopCS6. They were then blended together using the stack Blend feature in Photoshop. The image was sharpen twice - once at full resolution and again when sized to 600 pixels.  

Subject: Dead Bergamot Flower Pod. | Technique: Reflected Light/Image Stacking

Subject: Dead Bergamot Flower Pod. | Technique:Reflected Light/Image Stacking